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After You're Hired

Adjunct Faculty Check-Off Sheet

Welcome to the Westminster College teaching faculty. You will soon discover that Westminster provides you with the support services you need to be successful. Just follow this checklist.

Mandatory Orientations

_____  Orientation I

After receiving your assignment, you will be contacted to schedule your first Orientation. During the orientation you will:

  1. Learn about the Adjunct Faculty Program
  2. Meet with the Adjunct Faculty Coordinator to discuss your teaching needs
  3. Visit campus-wide support service offices
  4. Assure your email and computer accounts are functional
  5. Obtain your Westminster identification and library card
  6. Visit your classroom
  7. Learn about the support services offered in your school
  8. Learn about parking on campus, including obtaining a parking pass

_____  Orientation II

All adjunct faculty new to Westminster College should attend this orientation, offered before the beginning of the fall, spring, and summer terms. During this time you will meet with Deans; Student Services Directors; Library, Writing Center, and Faculty Technology Center Managers; and with the Adjunct Faculty Coordinator.


Employment Forms and Contract

_____  After you receive your contract and employment forms in the mail return the final paperwork (before teaching your first class) to the Provost's Office in 211 Bamberger Hall.

  1. You will need to show your driver's license and Social Security Card or a valid passport.
  2. Submit copies of your transcript or a certificate of graduation of your highest degree.


Parking Permit

_____  Obtain your parking permit through the online application system.

During the 2012-2013 academic year, parking is free for Adjunct Faculty at Westminster; however, you must display a faculty parking permit hanging from your car's rear view mirror.


Reserving Special Rooms or Equipment

During Orientation I, you will learn about the equipment that can be used to support your teaching. If you need a special room setting or equipment you will need to contact your school office or the Adjunct Faculty Coordinator, preferably before the semester starts or with at least two weeks notice.

Types of rooms that are available:

  1. Small student break-out rooms
  2. Computer labs
  3. Presentation rooms
  4. Rooms for students working in small groups
  5. Library computer lab
  6. Rooms with electronic whiteboards
  7. Focus group room with one-way mirror observation deck and video taping facilities
  8. Auditorium style rooms

Classrooms are equipped with an overhead LCD projector, IBM compatible computer running Microsoft Windows, a DVD player, a CD Rom, and a VCR player.


Other Equipment Available Upon Request

  1. Elmo projector (similar to an overhead projector but can project opaque objects)
  2. Digital still camera
  3. Digital video camera
  4. Movie editing equipment
  5. Electronic whiteboards
  6. Portable VCR



_____ Campus information is disseminated through your Westminster College email account. Please check your email regularly.


First Week Requirements

_____ Syllabus for each section of each course you teach. Click here for a syllabus outline.

  1. One copy per student.
  2. One copy for your school's Administrative Assistant.
  3. Note the final exam schedule. Finals must be held on the scheduled date.


Within the First Four Weeks of Classes

_____  Early Alert Forms

  1. The START Center requests information about students who may be having difficulty in class. If a student is on your roll after the add/drop deadline, and they have not appeared in class, contact the START Center using WebAdvisor. 
  2. Want to know how you are doing? Right before students leave class, ask them to write, in one or two sentences, anything they did not understand. Review these comments to plan the next class lecture.
  3. If you are having any problems or questions, ask now! Contact the Adjunct Faculty Coordinator or your hiring faculty.


Final Grades

_____  Final Grades

  1. Final grades are submitted to the Registrar's Office using WebAdvisor. Grades must be submitted before the deadline established by the Registrar's Office.
  2. Turn in any keys or department materials to your school's departmental office.
  3. If you are leaving town or won't be using your email account visit the Faculty Technology Center to create a vacation message.


Thanks! You are part of a great team of people that make Westminster College such an exemplary school.