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May Term

May Term (Undergraduate Only)

During May Term, undergraduate students can concentrate on one or two offerings in a more time-intensive experience than would occur during the rest of the academic year. May Term is designed to help students fulfill upper division elective requirements, as well as offer unique courses in which students can gain in-depth knowledge of interesting topics in classes which are not offered during any regular semester. May Term also gives instructors the opportunity to teach courses that devote focused attention to a subject that emphasizes their areas of expertise. May Term courses are typically two credit hours and meet for six class hours each week.

In addition to regular course offerings, we also offer several international and domestic study tours each May Term, under the direction of Westminster faculty. The cost of these trips is not included in May Term tuition.

Payment of full-time tuition for fall or spring semester earns two free credit hours for May Term. Payment of full-time tuition for both semesters earns the maximum of four free credit hours.