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Rodrigo Joaquin Hernandez Vazquez

Rodrigo Joaquin Hernandez Vazquez

Hometown: Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico
Year: 4th year (Class of 2015)
Major: Justice Studies
Minor: Psychology

I originally came to Westminster College to pursue a degree in theater, but after exploring the humanities, I frankly found it more important for me to study society and its constituents. Through my education, I’ve come to understand that the most severe problems we face today, both personal and global, stem from economic influences.

Even though we as a society have progressed to an immense magnitude and achieved an incredible quality of life, many individuals worldwide continue in a struggle for survival. In my own experience of survival, which is simply working to earn enough money to pay for housing and food, I’ve often times found myself unfulfilled, wishing I could dedicate my time to what I love, rather than investing my time into labor I don’t enjoy simply so I may survive. Across the globe, individuals are trapped in such cycle of labor for a majority of their lives, where they have to work to feed themselves and their families. Many laborers only earn enough money simply to survive, and not all experience satisfaction. Not only do they lack money for leisure, but they also don’t even have the time to engage in activities they enjoy. Many people work not because they want to but because they have to. After all, we do have to survive.

As intelligent beings, however, I find it absurd that we continue to engage in labor simply for our survival, rather than engaging in it for our self-fulfillment. It is of prime importance to me that everyone on this planet may survive without struggle and pursue their true desires, unconcerned with any monetary gain. I have dedicated my life to free humanity from the need to work and allow individuals to do only the things that they love because they want to. While many believe that paradise is supernatural and may only be achieved after death, I truly believe that we can achieve paradise here on our beautiful planet, Earth.

Rodrigo will be one of the student speakers at Westminster Thinks Big during Reunion Weekend on Friday, September 26, 2014.