Brent Olson
Brent Olson, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Environmental Studies
B.A. Carleton College
M.L.B.S.T. University of Denver
Ph.D. Syracuse University

Areas of Experience

  • Environmental Studies, Geography, Environmental History, the political economy of natural resources, the American West
  • About Brent Olson, Ph.D.

    Brent is an Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies and Co-Director of the Institute of Mountain Research at Westminster College. His research seeks to understand the ways we come to know, value, and manage the natural landscapes and resources that surround us, the conflicts associated with that management, and its effects on ecosystems and our communities. My current research examines the shifting political economies of snow in the context of climate change. At the heart of these questions is a curiosity about the the ways that political and cultural power moves through the natural world, how that power is manifested in it, and the ways resistance works within environmental conflict, justice, and the slow violence of environmental degradation.