Jeff Nichols
Jeff Nichols
B.A. SUNY College Geneseo
Ph.D. University of Utah

Areas of Experience

  • Gilded Age
  • Progressive Era
  • Environmental history
  • American West/Utah
  • Social history
  • About Jeff Nichols

    Jeff Nichols has a B.A. in Speech Communication from the State University of New York, at Geneseo. After nine years in the U.S. Navy, he earned his Ph.D. in History from the University of Utah.  He is the author of -Prostitution, Polygamy, and Power: Salt Lake City, 1847-1918- and coauthor with Will Bagley and Polly Aird of -Playing With Shadows: Voices of Dissent in the Mormon West,- both of which are prize winners.

    Jeff teaches a broad range of courses including Environmental History, Latin American History, Vietnam and America, and American Women's History in our Gender Studies Program and the Humanities sequence in the Honors Program. He has co-led May Term Study Experiences around the American West and to Spain, Peru, Hawaii, and Europe.

    "One of the best things about teaching history at Westminster is the opportunity to bring students into our own research. My student assistants have helped me find all kinds of primary sources in newspapers, census records, diaries and journals. Those students gain great experience in "making history" and hone skills that they can use in every possible future endeavor. Plus they learn to create important true stories about our shared past."

    He has appeared in several Westminster Players theater productions, and he produced and directed a student production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream."