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-19th Century sermons and discourses
-21st Century: identity, landscape and the narco-discurse in the sense of the “Global Law”
20th Century Latin American Poetry (esp. Dario, Vallejo, Neruda), The Boom Novel, Golden Age Poetry, Cervantes
3- and 4-manifolds
Academic Advising
Academic Advising, Student Success and Retention
Academic writing
accounting made easy
African American literature, LGBT literature, Latina/o literature, Writing
African economic development
African History
Air Safety Program Management
Air Transport Operations
Aircraft Accident Investigation
Airline business strategies. Corporate aviation
Airline Pilot
American folklore
American Indian Education
American literature (pre-Civil War)
American West/Utah
American/German/Northern European Romantic Landscape Artists
Anthropology and Literature
Anthropology of Education
Applications of Object Relations Theory to Clinical Practice
Aromatherapy, Complementary Medicine Modalities, Health Promotion, Psychiatric Nursing, Therapeutic Communication, Wellness, and Women's Health
Asian literature and culture
assessment methods of college education
Attachment Theory
attention and perception
Autism and Neurodiversity
Aviation Education
Aviation Instructor - CFI/II, MEI
Aviation, writing, assessment, and professional/career development.
Bayesian data analysis
Behavioral Economics
bio-medical and environmental ethics
blended programs
Bowling alley mechanic
Broadcast History
Business communication
business history
Business modeling
Business plan development
Business Policy and Strategy
Business Reference
Business Strategy
Business Valuation
business valuation
Business Valuation Models
Capital Budgeting
Care Ethics
career planning for college students
Career Services and Technology
Ceramics, Figurative Sculpture
Chief Editor of the Journal of Therapeutic Schools and Programs
child abuse
children's literature
childrens health
Church and State
Cinema, critical theory, psychoanalysis, the Victorian novel
classical history
Classroom Management
Clinical Child Psychology
Clinical Interests: Anxiety, Trauma, Depression, Interpersonal Relationships, Cultural Adjustment
clinical microbiology
Coaching & mentoring
Cognition and Instruction
cognitive control, inhibition, task switching and multitasking; polysensory integration
Cognitive neuroscience, adolescent brain development, hormones and behavior
Collaboration with Families
Collection Development
Commercial Pilot Airplane SEL & MEL, Certified Flight Instructor, Instrument Instructor, multi-engine instructor
Commercialization of Innovative Products
communication ethics
Communication Pedagogy
Community Health
community health nursing
Community nursing
Community-Based Participatory Research
company and brand image
comparative criminal justice
Comparative Education
Comparative Legal History
comparative religion
competitive paper airplane flying
composition theory and pedagogy (writing, basic writing, etc.)
Computational & Theoretical Physical Chemistry
Computer Graphics
computer networks
Computer Science Education
congressional and executive politics
Conscious Capitalism
constitutional law
Consumer Behavior
consumer behavior
Consumer Fear
consumer reaction to negative information
Consumption of Space
Contact and symplectic topology
contemporary literature
Content Regulations
Continental Philosophy, esp. Hegel
Corporate & Business Aviation
Corporate Aviation
Corporate governance, corporate finance, political economy, venture capital, innovations
Corporate power and consumer credit
cost-effectiveness of business models
Courage at work
cowboy poetry
creationism/intelligent design
creative non-fiction
creative writing
Creative Writing
Creative Writing, Education, Problem Based Learning, Critical Theory of Language and Literature, Post Modern Theory
Crew Resource Management/Single Pilot Resource Management
crisis management
Critical Language Awareness
Critical Race Theory & Critical Race Feminism
critical theory
cross-cultural communication
crusade history
Cuckoo Sandbox
Curriculum Management
Curriculum-Based Measurement
dealing with high achieving students
Decision making in the international venture, 80 billion + approaches in 1 class.
Definitions of Western Civilization
democratic process
developmental psychology
Digital Photography
Director, Nurse Anesthesia Program
Diversity & Global Issues (Internationalization)
Diversity and Inclusion/Multicultural Education
Diversity in Higher Education
DNA Damage and Repair
early modern history
Early music
Educational Foundations
educational history
educational management
educational policy
Educational Psychology
Educational Technology
effects of poverty on preschool age children
Effects of private finance in public education
Electronic Media
Elementary and Secondary Teaching Methods
elementary writing
emerging adulthood
Employment Trends
End-of-Life Care Issues
Engagement/ Involvement Programming
English and American Literature, Environmental Literature, Creative Writing
English Learners/Bilingual Education
English Literature
English Renaissance and Reformation Literature
Entrepreneurial Finance
Entrepreneurship/Entrepreneurial Judgment
Environmental biogeochemistry of trace metals
Environmental history
Environmental History
Environmental Journalism
environmental policy
Environmental Studies, Geography, Environmental History, the political economy of natural resources, the American West
Environmental Studies, Wilderness Management, Outdoor Education
Epidemiology, Program Planning and Evaluation, & Biostatistics
Ethics / Business Ethics
Ethnic American drama and performance
ethnic folklore
evolutionary economics
Evolutionary Economics
evolutionary theory
Executive Coaching
Executive Coaching
experiential learning in business
Explicit Instruction
Feminist Phlosophy
Feminist Theory, esp. Irigaray
Field: emphasis on Philosophy of Law, Western History, Theology, Political Science
Film as a research tool and presentation medium
Film Production
Film Studies
Financial Analysis
financial aspects of healthcare
Flight Training
Flight Training Management
Flying airplanes
Foundations of Education and Diversity
France in the Sixteenth Century
French cinéma
French gastronomy
Front-End Web Development
Gender studies
General art history, Contemporary Art, Land Art, Robert Smithson, Great Salt Lake
General management
General pediatrics, pediatric endocrinology, pediatric cardiology, general pathophysiolgy
genocide in Africa
Gerontology and Hospice
Gilded Age
girls in math and science
Global Environments
Global Health
Global Health and Development
Global Politics, International Relations, Comparative Politics, Political Philosophy/Theory, Critical Theory, Indigenous Studies, Political Ecology
Globalization & Migration
Go-to-market strategic planning
Government & Politics
Great Salt Lake
Great Salt Lake, birds, brine shrimp, environmental education
Harmonic Analysis
harmonic analysis, functional analysis
hate and torture in a post-9/11 world
health care administration
Health Care Advocacy
health care planning and marketing
Health Disparities
Health Education
Health Policy and Management
Henry David Thoreau
Higher education and labor market effects of innovations in public secondary education
Hip Hop
Hip Hop, Fashion & Black Women/Girls
Hispano American Law and Colonial literature
historical plagues
History & Social Sciences Reference
history and philosophy of science, esp. postpositivism and cognitive science
History of Disease
history of economic thought
history of rhetoric
history of science
History of the English language
honors education
Human judgment and decision-making
Human nature and its evolutionary foundation
Human Resource Management
I am currently working on a project that engages in ecological economics and political ecology to challenges the illogical logic of economic growth by exploring alternatives such as slow movement and de-growth theory
I teach MGMT 305: Principles of Management and MGMT 410: Managing People
IEP Compliance with Legal Requirements
illusion of control
Impact of New Technologies on Society
Imperial History
imports and dumping
Increasing Diversity in CS
Informal social networks
Information Design
Information Literacy
Information Literacy, Composition and Research, English Literature, Instructional Design and Online Learning
information technology
Innovative and competency-based learning models, globalization and international cooperation, growth and development, Chinese economies, and regional development.
inquiry-based learning in mathematics
Instructing Private, Instrument, Commercial, Multi-Engine, and CFI Students
Instructional Design
Instructional Design & Technology
interdisciplinary approaches to studying consciousness and phenomenology
Internal Control Design
International business and organizational effectiveness; NGO/NPO strategic alliances; business strategy and international business; international operations of multinational corporations.
International Finance
International sourcing; firm specific advantage; cultural, geographic, administrative and economic arbitrage. Sustainable business.
international trade and finance
Internships/Experiential Education
Interpersonal, Intergenerational, & Cultural Trauma
Interviewing & Negotiation
Introduction to Sociology
Investment Banking
Investment Management and Research
Irish studies, Irish drama, 20th/21st century drama
issues concerning computer science education
Job Search Strategies
John Lennon and the Beatles
Journalism History
Knot theory
Knowledge management
Knowledge transfer and robust retention half-life
Landscape and History of American Landscape
Landscape Theory
Late 19th and early 20th C. American literature
Latin America
Latin American and Peninsular Literature and Culture, interdisciplinary approach.
law and bureaucracy
Leadership and Student Development
Leadership Development
Leadership, Learning Theory, E-learning, Education Program Development,
learning communities
Learning Management Systems
Learning Management Systems
learning style preference in diverse populations
Learning Technology
legal and ethical issues in advertising and promotion
Literary and Cultural Studies
literary theory/critical theory
literature of the American West
looking at airplanes
Low-dimensional topology and knot theory
Lower level Spanish language and culture, Latin American fiction, Spanish-language films
Macroeconomics, Business Cycles, International Economics, Finance, Development, Globalization, Statistics
Management of chaotic performance
Marcel Proust
market assessments
Market testing & analysis
marketing management and strategy
marketing mistakes
Marketing, branding and positioning
Mass Media Law & Ethics
mathematical modeling, networks
Mathematical Statistics
MBA program design
McNair Scholars Program
media ethics
media history
media law
medieval history
Medieval studies
Medieval Studies, Composition and Rhetoric, Feminisms, Latin
Mentoring for Teacher Development
Mentoring Minority Students/First Generation Students
mentoring of novice teachers
Mentoring, Pharmacology, Humanitarian Medical Missions
Microbial ecology
Microbial pathogenesis
Middle East studies
Mild to Moderate Disabilities
Mild/Moderate Disabilities
Minimalism, Neo-Riemannian theory
Model aircraft building/flying
Modern World History
Multi Crewmember Crew Management
Multi-Tiered System of Supports
Multicultural Education
multinational corporations
Multiple areas of practice over carreer: perioperative, pediatrics, musculoskeletal oncology/surgery. Current clinical practice in Endocrinology at the U of U. Volunteer NP at Peoples Health Clinic, Park City, UT.
Music, Dance, Theatre
My current research focuses on corporate payouts and how factors external to the firm, along with industry classification, influence the payout equation.
My most current interests are network and systems theory, digital culture, global studies, immigration, postcolonial theory, and ecocritical theory
Narrative Theory
Narratology and New Media
Nationalism, transnationalism, and borderlands studies
Native American literature and culture
nature and limits of explanation
nature writing
Networks of Mentors
Neuroscience, genetics, population genetics
New Media
New Media
News Writing
Nietzsche, philosophy and the arts
Nursing Regulation
nursing administration
nursing education
nursing education administration
Nursing history, medical-surgical nursing, medical anthropology
nursing simulation theory and practice; psychiatric mental-health nursing
Older Adult Health
Online Trust, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
operating systems
Organization design
Organization development and change
Organizational behavior
organizational behavior
Organizational behavior
Organizational behavior
Organizational Communication
Organizational Culture
Orientation and Transition
Orientation, Transition, & Retention
paleontology (history of life on earth)
Palo Alto Networks
Parallel programming
parish nursing
partial differential equations
Patient Centered Health Care
Peace Corps
pediatric chronic health problems
Pediatrics; Pulmonology, Cardiology, Genetic Diseases
Personal Learning Environments
philosophical method
Philosophy of Race
Philosophy of Religion
Physical Education
Physics Education Research
Play Therapy
Political Ecology, Nature/Culture, Critical Theory, Environmental History, Land Management, Science and Technology Studies
political economy
Political Economy
Political Sociology
popular culture of the sixties
Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports
Primary Care
Prior Learning Assessment
processing styles and team process
Product development
Professional Communication
professional editing, medical and technical writing, food writing, cookbooks, and gardening
Professional Ethics; Nursing Legislation; Nursing Leadership/Management; Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing
Progressive Era
Project Based Learning
Promotion & communication strategy
Protein Folding/Stability, Yeast Metabolism, Brewing Science, Hop Genetics
protein structure, function, dynamics; proteins involved in disease; interdisciplinary approaches to introductory STEM education
Psychiatric Nursing, pain management
Psychiatric Nursing, pain management
Psychoanalytic Couple & Family Therapy
Psychoanalytic Process & Outcome Research
Public & Technical Presentations
Public Education
Public Policy
Qualitative Methods
Qualitative Research
Qualitative Research Methods
Quantitative Methods
race, ethicity, and justice
Race, Gender & Politics
reformation history
regional economic growth
renaissance history
research and development
Research Interest: Psychometric Properties of the Self-Assessment of the Interpersonal Relationship Scale in Nursing Students
Research Interests: Environmental Analytical Chemistry, Carotenoids, Brewing.
Research interests: Intellectual Empathy; Professional Boundaries; Learned Optimism
Research Interests: mental health issues among underserved populations, cross-cultural comparison, help-seeking attitudes, scale development
Research Methods
Research Scientist for the Outdoor Behavioral Health Center
Response to Intervention
retirement. going, going, gone: 2014
Rhetoric of Science
Rhetorical Theory
Rhetorical theory; feminism and popular culture; technical and professional writing; creative writing
Russia, East Europe, Central Asia
Safety Management
Scenic Design, Costumes, Holistic Performance, Yoga, Meditation, Nutrition, Veganism
Scholarship on teaching and learning
science in society; methodological, ethical, and pedagogical issues in science
Science Olympiad Regional Coordinator
secondary content literacy
Securities Markets
Self-organizing systems or organizations
Self-Regulated Strategy Development
Service Learning
service learning
Service quality
Shakespeare, Physical Theatre, Verbatim Theatre, Contemporary Realism, Musical Theatre
Simulation and interview preparation for regional airline candidates.
Small Business Accounting
Social & Political Theory
Social and Behavior Change
social aspects of the sixties
Social Change
social class, literacy, and work
Social Entrepreneurship
Social Entrepreneurship
Social Entrepreneurship
Social history
Social Movements
Social Problems
Social Theory
Social, Environmental, & Quantitative Psychology
Sociology of Development
Sociology of Inequality
Sociology of Popular Culture, Social Theory, Social Inequality, Sociology of the Family, Gender Studies, Sports and Society, American Culture
Spain 21st Century
Spanish cultural/political studies
Speech Communication; Public/Media/Corporate Communication; Critical Race Theory; Critical Communication Pedagogy; Campus Racial Climate; Qualitative Research/Writing
State and household effects of public education finance
Strategic decision making
Strategic Management
Strategic Marketing
student consulting projects
Student Success and Retention
sustainability marketing
Sustainable agriculture, community ecology
T.S. Eliot
Talon ETA
Teach Group Counseling, DSM, Clinical Assessment, Ethics, Supervision, Internship
teacher licensure issues
Teaching English for Specific Purposes
Teaching how to fly airplanes
Teaching Interests: General Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry
Teaching Interests: General Chemistry, Quantum Mechanics & Spectroscopy, Classical & Statistical Thermodynamics
Teaching Interests: Multicultural Psychology and Counseling, Quantitative Research Methods, Test and Measurement, Abnormal Psychology
Teaching Interests: Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Forensic Chemistry Research Interests: Synthesis of Novel Nucleotides, Analysis of Hydrocarbon Contaminants in Soil
Team effectiveness
Technical Entrepreneurship
Temperament, Measurement, Personality, Personality Development, Scholarship of Teaching & Learning
the death penalty
The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Curriculum Innovation and Design, Human Health-Ecological Health Interactions, Medical Anthroplogy
The Volatility Framework
theories of crime
theories of place
theories of social space/cultural geography
Transition Economies
Transition Services for Students with Disabilities
Trauma Focused Psychotherapy with Refugees and Immigrants
trauma studies
Urban ecology, Avian Ecology
US regulatory policy
Usability Testing
usability testing
Use of technology in psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, and supervision
User Experience (UX) Design
Victorian art history
Victorian history
Victorian literature
Victorian popular culture
violence in the Middle East
Visual Rhetoric
Visual Rhetoric
Vocal performance
volcanology, geochemistry, Yellowstone, magmatic processes, radio-isotopic dating
Weather Decision Making
Web Design
website planning
Westminster Opera Studio; Vocal Pedagogy; English, Italian, French, German Diction; Art Song Literature Survey; Opera Literature Survey; Seminar on operas of Mozart and Britten
William Shakespeare
Wind Power
Women's and Gender studies
working with the homeless
writing center theory and administration (including writing assessment)
writing for the mass media
Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation, South Asian Culture and Religion, Therapeutic Body Work