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College-Wide Learning Goals

College-wide Learning Goals

Westminster College has a long and honored tradition of caring deeply about students and their education.

In our unique environment for learning, we offer distinctive academic programs that emphasize theory and practice and encourage active, hands-on, collaborative, and cross-disciplinary learning.

We encourage students to accept responsibility for their own learning, to discover and pursue their passions, and to act with purpose and responsibility.

In every academic program, the Westminster educational experience challenges students to experiment with ideas, raise questions, critically examine alternatives, and make informed decisions.

Our primary purpose is to prepare students to lead lives of learning, accomplishment, and service.

To that end, every Westminster student graduates with the skills and abilities that are critical to success in a rapidly changing world and highly valued by employers and graduate programs:

  • Critical, analytical and integrative thinking 
  • Creative and reflective capacities
  • Leadership, collaboration, and teamwork
  • Writing and other communication skills
  • Global consciousness, social responsibility, and ethical awareness