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Mathematics Program Student Learning Outcomes

1. Critical, Analytical, and Integrative Thinking

  • To become effective problem solvers.
  • In more advanced courses, to learn to read and construct valid mathematical proofs.
  • To learn appropriate uses of technology at all levels.
  • For majors, to achieve competency in the core curriculum of mathematics sufficient for success in a graduate program.

2. Creative and Reflective Capacities

  • To gain an understanding of the historical development of mathematics and its role in the history of human civilization.
  • To gain a greater appreciation of the beauty and power of mathematics.

3. Writing and Other Communication Skills

  • To learn how to effectively communicate one's mathematical ideas, both in writing and orally.

4. Leadership, Collaboration, and Teamwork

  • To offer curricular and co-curricular opportunities for student leadership and collaboration.

5. Career Planning

  • To Learn about career opportunities in mathematics and related fields.

6. Global Consciousness, Social Responsibility, and Ethical Awareness

  • To engage the community through service learning and other opportunities.


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