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Film Studies

Film Studies Student Learning Outcomes

  • Students will understand film as a distinct language as well as a combination of languages including images, movements, sounds, and words, recognizing their semantics, syntax, and rhetoric.
  • Students will be prepared to respond to film with active interpretation and analysis, rather than being acted upon passively.
  • Students will understand the way film incorporates other arts and is influenced by them.
  • Students will understand film as an element of culture - how it influences, and is influenced by, the culture in which it is made; how film influences the ways we view ourselves and others in cultural terms such as race, gender, economics, and history; and how film is both an agent and result of social change.
  • Students will understand the uses of film: to document, persuade, entertain, represent, and expand our means of representation and ways of understanding.
  • Students will be able to write detailed film critiques, critically evaluating the use of formal elements, narrative structure, and the place of films in their historical and cultural contexts.


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