Early Start Program

Early Start Program

We invite up to 16 students to begin flight training at Westminster six weeks before fall classes begin. Participants will move into temporary summer campus housing on July 6th and take aviation classes during our summer "C Block." Selecting this option means you must be committed to finishing your Foundations of Flight courses prior to the winter break, and starting the PIC development course in January. This option also requires enrollment in INTR 100. This is a learning community course that is designed to help you adjust to college life during the first month.

Summer Block C classes:

  • AVFL 121-Foundations of Flight Ground School

  • AVFL 122A-Foundations of Flight Lab I

  • INTR 100-Transitioning to College for Early Start students

This is an rigorous program because you will be heavily engaged in your flying at the same time you are adapting to college. This option is probably not appropriate for you if you have other demands on your time such as athletics or a full-time job.  Priority will be given to those students who apply and meet and requirements within deadlines listed.

ROTC students are not eligible due to their August military commitments.

Questions? Contact Gail at or 801.832.2671