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Explore Career Options


Whether you are completely clueless about what to major in or what career path to follow, want to confirm a career decision you have already made, or anywhere in between, the Career Center can help!  We have career assesment inventories and programs to help you to determine:

  • A place to start—who you are, what you would find satisfying to do for work and career, and what are your interests and strengths.
  • A direction to head in—what college major and career options you might want to explore and find out more about, so you can know if they make sense for you.
  • A plan of action—what steps to take in order to prepare for a chosen career, validate your choices, and research additional options.
  • A way to navigate—what methods to use to make progress and course-correct along your chosen route during your academic career, and as you move through the events and experiences of your life. 

 We will also connect you to additional resources, such as books, major and occupational research tools, and mentoring resources to focus your investigation of college major and career options that appeal to you.

 We are all about helping you to discover, plan and take action so you can move ahead with finding your best self and the career options that can best make for a satisfying professional and personal life.

Career advising and assessment is available to all Westminster students and alumni. Individual assistance with career exploration, planning and decision-making is available by appointment.

Career Assessments offered by the career center


The assessments we offer are listed below, along with the fundamental questions each assessment can help you answer:


Myers-Briggs Type Indicator                            What is my personal style?  What are                                                                                          my preferred work characteristics?


Career Liftoff Interest Inventory                       What careers might I be interested in,                                                                                          based on my interests?


100 Jobs Exercise                                            What are my long-range, deeply                                                                                                   embedded interests and passions?


Strengths Finder                                              What are my strongest work-related                                                                         talents, and how can I develop them?


Strong Interest Inventory                                 How can I choose a major and a career                                                                                      related to my interests?


My Career Story                                              What is the meaning of my life                                                                                                      experience so far, as it relates to my career?

Career Snapshot                                              Who am I and where might I want to go                                                                             with my career and my life?

Pattern Identification Exercise                         What do I enjoy and am good at doing,                                                                                        and when?