Business students in the Center for Financial Analysis Website
CFA For You


The data and analysis available in the Center for Financial Analysis reaches across every discipline in the Gore School of Business. While the areas of Finance and Financial Services enjoy many natural synergies with the Center, other disciplines such as Accounting, Economics, Marketing and Management leverage the wealth of information and powerful applications to teach basic and advanced concepts.

The ever-changing data represents real-world case studies and the in depth analysis provides insights to the concepts being explored. All students and faculty, regardless of their field of interest, are encouraged to utilize the Center for Financial Analysis to gain a greater understanding of the global capital markets.



The Center provides Westminster faculty with a powerful way to bridge the gap between classroom theory and real world practice. As a classroom the Center is a full-service facility that offers any multimedia, Internet, or computing tool that faculty may need to effectively teach.

Faculty can conduct scheduled class sessions themselves within the Center or they can request that the Center staff conduct them. Center staff is always close at hand to offer any needed assistance.



Westminster alumni are most welcome to take advantage of all that the Center has to offer. Investment groups appreciate the Center as an excellent place for special seminars and meetings. Some alumni visit the Center often in order to gather information about the markets or to learn new software programs in the workshops.