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Student Showcase

Spring 2011 - Undergraduate Research Fair Presentations

Zak Burkley: "Second Harmonic Generation Using a Lithium Niobate Crystal"

Sage Dunham: "Analytical Assay of the Hallucinogenic Chemical JWH-018 in Synthetic Marijuana"

Kathy Ho: "The Development of an Energy Dashboard for the Meldrum Science Center"

Angela Marler-Boyd: "Quantitative Analysis of  Caffeine Content in Popular Drinks"

Sarah Martin: "Quantification and Analysis of Nicotine in Popular Products"


Summer 2011 - Gore Research Grants

Amanda Fadling: "The Effect of Cosolvent Polarity on Mixing in Nanoconfined Solutions"

Matthew Koc: "Clathrate Growth near the Surface of Ice"

Randall Ferguson: "The Effect of Pore Surface on Mixing in Nanoconfined Solutions"

Sarah Martin: "Alpha Acid Analysis of Hops"


Summer 2011 - Westminster Scholars Research Grants

Dorian Rosen: "Controlling Brewer's Yeast Metabolic Pathways"

Victor Boss: "Silver Nanoparticles"

Rita Okumu: "The Effect of Cosolvent Concentration on Mixing in Nanoconfined Solutions"