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May Term & Summer Study Experiences

May Term & Summer Study Experiences at Westminster

  • What exactly are May Term and Summer Study Experiences?
    May Term Study Experiences (MTSE) and Summer Study Experiences are Westminster classes that include an educational travel component (within or outside of the USA) ranging from approximately one to three weeks either during May Term or Summer Semester.  Westminster faculty and staff serve plan the itineraries and serve as Study Experience Leaders.

  • How many credits do I take during a May Term or Summer Study Experience?
    All MTSE and Summer Study Experience classes are 4 credits.

  • Do I have to be in that major to take a class?
    NO. If you are a math major who always loved Jane Austen novels, then take the class! The is the time to explore everything that might interest you, even if it's not in your normal routine.

  • Who can participate?
    Currently enrolled Westminster undergraduate students get priority to paricipate in MTSEs and Summer Study Experiences.  Non-student guests who are over 18 years old can participate if space is available and the faculty leader gives permission.  Non-student participants do not earn credits or pay tuition, but they must pay the full advertised cost which does not include tuition.

  • What kind of MTSE and Summer Study Experiences are offered?
    All of the classes are elective type, but many can fulfill upper division elective requirements.  Up to ten MTSEs are offered each May and beginning in Summer 2014 Westminster will be offering Summer Study Experiences.  Because they are proposed by the faculty, the offerings typically change every year with the exception of the Thailand Service Learning and Hopi Navajo Program which have been offered annually for the past several years.

  • How much does it cost to participate?
    Travel expenses vary depending upon destination and the length of stay. MTSEs within the US typically cost $800-$3000, while programs to other countries cost anywhere from just over $3,000 to $5,000. This money goes toward plane tickets, transportation, lodging, and activities  (such as museums, etc.).  Also, all students must show proof of domestic health insurance if they are participating in a Study Experience.  If you were a full-time student in Fall and Spring, then you will have earned the four hours that can be applied towards MTSE or Summer Study Experience tuition and you will only pay the travel expenses.

  • What is the registration process?
    Registration for MTSEs and Summer Study Experiences is first-come, first-served and begins at the May Term Fair held each year in October.  Registration for these Study Experiences is not based on seniority or credits earned.  Students must pay a non-refundable $300 deposit (which gets applied towards the total travel costs), get approval and a signature from one of the faculty or staff leaders, complete the  registration form and return it to the Diversity & International Center in Walker One.  Once the Diversity & International Center has received a completed form including verification that the deposit was paid, a spot will be reserved.  Registration for on-campus May Term classes begins in February.

  • What is the refund policy?
    The $300 deposit is due at the time of registration.  It is non-refundable and non-transferable (cannot be transferred to another person or another Study Experience).  In the event of a withdrawal past the January 15th payment deadline, the $300 deposit plus any non-recoverable trip expenses are non-refundable.  Standard Westminster College refund policies are in effect for MTSE and Summer tuition charges.

  • Do Study Experiences ever get cancelled?
    Westminster College will cancel a MTSE or Summer Study Experience if the minimum number of students do not enroll by the registration deadline in January.  Deposits are refunded if Westminster cancels the Study Experience due to insufficient enrollment.  The College also monitors all international destinations and itineraries for health and safety considerations and may cancel a Study Experience at any point due to circumstances outside of the College's control.  The health and safety of participants is the top priority of Westminster College in making cancellation decisions.

For more information about May Term, prospective students should contact the Admissions Office.

Current students interested in on-campus May Term classes should contact the Registrar's Office.

Information about upcoming 2014 May Term Study Experiences is available here.