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Why Intersections?

At the Diversity & International Center we recognize the importance of both diversity and internationalization as part of a strong educational foundation.  Our goals are to highlight and build on the overlaps-- intersections-- while preserving the important distinctions that make each significant in its own right.

The focus is articulated by the design of the Center itself.  Housing separate office for Sara Demko, the Assistant Provost for International Services, and Luciano Marzulli, the Director of Diversity Student Affairs, the Center also includes a welcoming living room-like shared open space, illustrating via its displays and organization that both components are of equal value.  The Center's programming and learning goals have also been developed with the idea of intersections and distinctions in mind.

We want to encourage as much student participation as possible in the form of articles, drawings, personal reflections, poems, and editorials. So please write us an email with a description of what you would like to write about and why. Your submission may be published in an upcoming issue of the newsletter.