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Mastering Leadership Certificate Program

About the Program

The Mastering Leadership Certificate program is built around 10 two-day courses focused on essential leadership skills. Each session goes through a three-stage process: pre-work, practice in real-world activities and then application in the workplace. Throughout each stage, a faculty coach is assigned to work with each participant and is available to consult with participants individually.

Each two-day course is devoted to a specific leadership concept and follow-on projects are coached by a Westminster expert. The program is designed to meet the needs of busy professionals. Limited classroom time means less distraction from work activities. Real-world projects translate into immediate return on investment for your company.

  • Prior to each course, materials focused on a specific dimension of leadership are sent to each participant.
  • Each two-day course requires students to demonstrate that they can apply the material in real-world activities.
  • After each course, follow-on projects are assigned and students work with their coach as they complete the project in their own work environment.
  • Includes advance materials, access to online resource materials, class sessions, project customization and follow-on coaching.
  • The Certificate Program can be completed in less than a year.
  • Completion of Certificate Program makes participants eligible for either;
    • Prior learning assessment credits towards an Undergraduate Project-based Bachelor of Business Degree Program (up to 10 credits)
    • Admission to the Accelerated Project-based Masters of Business Degree Program at Westminster College. (completed in 4 full time semesters vs 5 in the regular Project based Masters of Business Degree Program)

Customized Sessions

Westminster College can help meet your talent development needs in several ways:

  • The Mastering Leadership Certificate Program is available as an exclusive program for your company. That means we customize the approach, and the projects for your business, industry and customer. Courses can be offered on campus or on-site at your company.
  • Westminster’s rich expertise means we can create specific custom programs for your immediate business requirements whether it is a business, communication or technical topics.
  • Westminster’s flexibility allows us to work around your companies busy schedule and accommodate to your locale needs.

Sessions start at $700.00 per person for each 2-day session. Discounts are applicable for Westminster students and executive cohorts of 20 or more.

For more information please contact

Lori Cox
Associate Director of Operations for Graduate and Adult Programs