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Anything Goes
This circuit training style class keeps the heart rate at a healthy and high level for a well-rounded, full-body workout! Meet in the Weight Room. 

Defeat the Dean
Did you know the Dean of Students is one lean, mean, table-tennis playing machine? If you defeat the Dean, he’ll buy your dinner! Call 832.2860 to schedule a match.

reating Results to become Unbelievably Smokin' Hot! This is not your ordinary "boot camp" class. We will work on speed, strength, endurance, ok, pretty much everything! Get ready for motivation and plain old hard work!

Cycle Express
A 45-minute version of Indoor Cycling.

Cycle Fusion
40 minute indoor cycling with 20 minutes of resistance training and stretching—the perfect combination for people who like to multitask.

Hip Hop
This hip-hop class is formatted just like Zumba. No complex routines to memorize, just come dance and have fun!

A revolutionary cardio-based total body conditioning program. This class will push you to new training heights, resulting in more calories burned, faster results, and a more efficient metabolism. This class is easy to learn and fun to participate in!

Indoor Cycling
Burn calories, boost your metabolism, and most importantly, improve your cardiovascular fitness. This ride will “fly by” with motivational music and fun! Please bring a water bottle. 

Intro to Climbing
Don't fear the climbing wall, we are here to help you! During this hour, our professional staff will guide you through all the basics of climbing so you will soon be on your way to enjoying this fun sport!

Ladies Climbing
Ladies, you will have the rock wall all to yourself during this hour. Practice, learn, have FUN!

Lean Legs & Abs
Build strong arms, lean legs and fab abs in this full body strength training class.

Pilates is great for creating long, lean muscles with low, to no, impact on the joints. Although Pilates focuses on the core, you can expect a powerful workout that will strengthen and condition not only your abdominals, but your entire body!

Relax Yoga
This yoga class is the perfect way to relax and unwind after a day on the slopes. The focus will be on stretching all the muscles that get used skiing and snowboarding and of course, relaxing!

We're taking it back to basics with this classic cardio class. You are sure to get a good workout and have a great time.

Swim Technique
You don't need to be a great swimmer to come to this class! We will help you become a great swimmer by working on breathing, proper technique, the basic strokes and even flip turns (optional).

Wakeup Yoga
Start the day with sun salutations and the rest of the day you will feel energized and focused. You will receive personalized attention in this complete practice. Beginners welcome.

Breathe vitality, energy, and a new perspective into your life! Yoga combines physical exercises, mental meditation, and breathing techniques to strengthen the muscles, relieve stress, and provide the foundation for a healthy way of life.


Join the party! Hypnotic Latin rhythms & easy to follow moves create a dynamic workout that will blow you away.