Students exploring the water in the Great Salt Lake Website
Spiral Jetty


Great Salt Lake Institute (GSLI) was named one of two local partners supporting Dia Art Foundation in the stewardship of Spiral Jetty. Together with the Utah Museum of Fine Arts, we commited to protect and value Spiral Jetty as a unique world-renowned piece of artwork and as a place where we can conduct valuable research on the Great Salt Lake.

”For fifteen years, students and faculty from Westminster College have been traveling to The Spiral Jetty to research the science of Great Salt Lake. What we never anticipated is how the artwork would draw us in. This is the power of land art-Spiral Jetty makes a statement about the nature of the environment in which it exists. GSLI can harness this and bring this sensibility to all our educational, research, and public programming,” said Dr. Bonnie Baxter, Director of Great Salt Lake Institute.

Are you planning a trip to Spiral Jetty?  Directions can be found on the Dia Art Foundation website here.


Image Credit: Robert Smithson, the Spiral Jetty, 1970. Long-term installation in Rozel Point, Box Elder County, Utah. Collection Dia Art Foundation, New York. Photo: Martin Hogue.