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Discover why History isn't "Just Old-Fashioned Liberal Arts"

and Why our discipline is "King" according to Rachel Maddow.

Everybody has a story. Study history

History is a collection of stories about the human past that helps us to figure out how we got to where we are now. Knowledge of history is essential for understanding current events and participating fully in civic life, especially in a democratic republic. If you study History, you'll learn about the human condition and factors that have influenced human endeavor. Graduates of Westminster's history program will be able to practice traditional and electronic methods of primary historical research, construct valid historical arguments based on original research in primary sources, demonstrate a broad and deep content knowledge of global human history, communicate historical knowledge creatively and effectively through writing and speaking, among other methods, and demonstrate critical analysis of evidence, arguments, and conflicting historical interpretations. Studying History prepares you for advanced studies in history or law school, library science, museum studies, or the ministry. It also serves as a stepping-stone to a career in business, secondary education, or government service.

The Westminster Difference: