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Student Experiences

Student Experiences

By design, Learning Communities often engage in activities outside of the classroom in order to expand instruction and intensify learning. Here are some examples of these activities.


Jocelyn Rosewood, a former student, has this to say:


The Learning Community was most definitely a very unique experience. At times the experience was challenging particularly in the aspect of papers because you had to be able to write in order to please two professors of entirely different fields of study. On the other hand I feel that this strengthened my writing abilities.

Within the Learning Community I felt nourished and supported particularly by Barbara Smith. In high school I never wanted to take a psychology class then I came to college interested in a degree in Neuroscience forcing me to take Psychology 105. I never thought that I would like the class but at the end of the semester I found that not only was I good at Psychology and genuinely enjoyed it.

Over winter break I got to pondering the direction I wanted my life to head and looking back on my first semester in college I realized that the chemistry side of Neuroscience was not the direction I wanted to go. Therefore, I decided to change my major to Developmental/Neuroscience Psychology. So for all those future students that wish to take this Learning Community beware you may be drawn over to the dark side of Psychology  : )

Overall I felt that this Learning Community was a nice transition from high school to college.




Tyler Seldomridge, another former student, said the following:


The Learning Community was a very useful tool in the education program at Westminster College. By combining two unrelated courses, the teachers are able to teach two subjects in a way that meshes them together, making the learning very enjoyable. It was nice to be able to apply what we were learning to the real world when we went out in the community to work with elementary school students.