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Funds of Knowledge and Travel Seminar

Funds of Knowledge and Travel Seminar

Westminster’s MAT has a unique approach using Funds of Knowledge

  • A curriculum development approach pioneered by Luis Moll, Norma Gonzalez, and their colleagues
  • Makes school more meaningful and improves curriculum for all students
  • Learn how to find out about your students’ interests and skills through ethnographic interviewing and in-class activities
  • Develop curriculum that connects to students’ interests and lives and expands the core curriculum in positive ways for all students

Enhance your teaching with a greater understanding of Latin American history and Latin American immigrants

  • 8-day travel seminar
  • Deepen understanding of why families emigrate to the U.S. and/or the experience of Utah's indigenous populations 
  • See communities and schools from which students come
  • Learn how to teach all students more effectively
  • Learn about the history of other cultures and be able to incorporate this in to your teaching
  • Learn how you might ease the transition for immigrant students into your U.S. classroom
  • Deepen reflection on your own cultural identity and how it impacts you as a teacher
  • Build your curricular materials by:
    o Experiencing richness of other cultures and knowledge systems
    o Deepening Funds of Knowledge-type research
    o Collecting materials to use in teaching

Travel seminar includes experiences such as:

  • Interviews with families about their daily lives and their hopes and dreams
  • Stories from people about their experiences in U.S. schools
  • Visits to a variety of schools to understand where students have come from
  • Tour archeological sites
  • Talk with community members about the effect of government policies on agriculture and livelihoods
  • Learn history through the arts of the people
  • Talk with leaders of communities that are trying to improve their situation

All costs of the travel seminar are included in the MAT tuition price except for your passport and health insurance.