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Research Opportunities

Research Opportunities


Get a taste of what research in mathematics is like, develop your mathematical intuition and learn about different fields of math! You'll get to work closely with mathematicians and other students who like mathematics, and even present your research at meetings or conferences. Research looks great on your resume whether you are applying for a job, or for graduate school. And best of all - you can get paid to do it!!

You can work with a Westminster math professor during the semester or summer on a topic of your choosing, or participate in a summer REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) at one of many programs across the country.


 To work with someone at Westminster, just talk to them directly and tell them what you are interested in doing. If you don’t have any ideas, ask us!  Here are some recent projects:

  • Lexi Pasi and Diandre Ryan - Mas worked on numerical solutions of  higher order differential equations with reproducing kernel solutions under Richard Wellman's guidance, and presented their work at the Joint Meetings of the AMS in Baltimore in January 2014.

  • Matt Wentzel, Lexi Pasi and Kirkwood Donavin found differential equations with reproducing kernel solutions under the guidance of Richard Wellman.  Lexi presented her work at the Joint Meetings of the AMS in January 2013.

  • Sarah Martin Dorich conducted research on the arrow polynomial of periodic virtual links under the guidance of Sean Raleigh, and presented her talk "Algebraic and Combinatorial Invariants of Knots" at the AMS Central Section meeting in St. Louis, MO in October, 2013.

  • Sean Groathouse analyzed optimal strategies for the Colonel Blotto Game under the guidance of Janine Wittwer in the summer of 2012.