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Graduate Business

Westminster's Graduate Business Programs

Westminster's graduate business programs are recognized for innovative courses that teach business the way it is in the real world—courses that don't deal with just one topic, but instead courses that prepare you for executive-level decision making in today's dynamic environments. Our programs are highly "customizable", enabling you to prepare yourself for your career goals.We are committed to flexible course scheduling that accommodates the working professional, and for the high-quality and dedicated faculty who make education at Westminster a richly rewarding and personal experience.


Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Master of Business Administration: A professional program that prepares you for executive decision making in dynamic business environments. A program that prepares you to achieve your career goals by building your professional and personal skill sets. A program that you can customize to build your career-specific abilities. A program in which the practical and applied aspects of business are strongly emphasized. Apply Online Here

MBA Project-based (Online)

A Master of Business Administration program that uses projects instead of courses.  The project-based MBA program is designed for students who need a higher degree of flexibility due to life and professional commitments.  Projects are designed to be real-world applications of business concepts - in each self-paced project, students build and demonstrate mastery of business concepts and skills through application.  A two-day residency on campus at the beginning of each semester is required. Apply Online Here

MBA IN Technology Management

Master of Business Administration in Technology Management: A professional graduate degree that provides a specialized focus on the process of technology commercialization. A program that teaches the business of technology to technologists. A program for you if you envision a professional career in technical business settings. Apply Online Here

Master of Accounting

The Master of Accountancy and Information Systems:  A professional graduate program designed to meet the needs of students interested in a professional career in accounting. This program is unique in the sense that it recognizes the highly integrated relationship between the disciplines of accounting and information systems which has evolved in the recent past. Students completing this program will be well prepared to sit for the CPA exam and will be positioned for the fast track to leadership roles in either public accounting or corporate environments. Apply Online Here

Graduate Business Certificates

Certificates allow students to update their graduate degrees or pursue a specific field of study with a focused curriculum.

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