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Why the MPC

Why Attend Westminster's MPC Program?

Whether you are interested in emergent media, integrated marketing communication, public relations, strategic communication, technical writing and editing, rhetoric and persuasion, or communication management,  the MPC program has a broad curriculum that will help you develop the communication skills and knowledge you need to succeed. The courses that you complete in the program will enable you to acquire the following competencies:

  • Apply a values-based approach to ethical dilemmas

  • Research and analyze complex written material

  • Assess audience needs, wants, and expectations; and shape messages accordingly

  • Write clear, correct, well-organized prose in accordance with the demands and practices of various genres and communication fields

  • Be proficient in the use and effective application of multimedia programs

  • Identify the most effective social media, and use it to meet your communication objectives

  • Make interesting, clear, informative oral presentations

  • Collaborate effectively in teams, and facilitate team discussions

  • Create and manage individual and collaborative projects from planning through completion

  • Evaluate and produce a variety of visual communication pieces

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What Makes Westminster's MPC Unique?

Small classes and an accessible faculty
As a student in the MPC program, you will rarely have more than 15 students in a class. This intimate setting allows students to discuss issues thoroughly and collaborate on ideas and projects. Faculty members are very accessible to students, so you'll receive one-on-one help when you need it.

A measure for personal growth
Because the student-to-instructor ratio is so low, you can expect lots of interaction with your professors. They will monitor your progress over the course of the program and assist you in developing skills and completing projects that will help you achieve your career goals.

A practical curriculum
Unlike many master's programs that focus heavily on theory, the MPC program combines theory and practical application to provide a strongly career-oriented curriculum. Elective classes change yearly to reflect the latest trends in the communication field. You are encouraged to use work or community projects for classroom assignments and can immediately apply your new knowledge and skills to your daily work.

Courses are scheduled on weekday evenings and Saturday mornings, times most convenient for working professionals.

With no requirement to be a full-time student, you can proceed at the pace that best suits your professional and personal obligations. If other responsibilities conflict with school, you can count on the faculty to work with you in resolving these issues.

Classes that utilize technology
To be a successful communicator today, you need to be able to do more than write well. You must know how to use the latest technology, including the Internet, social media, presentation and multimedia software, database systems, and other communication tools. The MPC program incorporates these tools into its curriculum to ensure that students learn how to use them effectively.