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Summer with the Outdoor Program

Summer at the Westminster Outdoor Program has an array of opportunities that differ from those available during the school year. Students working for the program during this unique time can expect to be involved in all the capacities of the program’s work. Summer serves as a valuable time for students to be immersed in a professional outdoor work environment to gain a foundation of experience and training in both the field and with the Westminster Outdoor Program. Students involved during the summer often continue to work with the Outdoor Program in some capacity during the school year. Information and summer employment applications will be available in the spring semester. Please contact OutdoorProgram@WestminsterCollege.edu if you have questions or would like more information about summer. Below is a summary of what we do in the summer.

Step Out! 
Step Out is the Outdoor Program's partnership with Promise South Salt Lake. Working with five of the community centers that serve adolescents, student leaders facilitate workshops and day trips that lead up to three-day camping trips with groups from each center. Step Out provides the participants a chance to connect with their environment, each other, and college mentors in an experiential and dynamic setting. It also provides the Westminster leaders a chance to cultivate new facets of their leadership by working with a variety of populations, settings, and skill sets. 

Climbing Wall Programming 
Bishop’s Wall continues to serve as a place for students to get climbing practice in a fun, social environment much like it does during the school year. In addition, flexibility in the summer schedule allows us to also host a variety of groups for sessions at the climbing wall. Visiting groups range from ages as young as five and often come from summer camps, programs, and schools. Student leaders are essential in facilitating the instruction, safety, and educational components of summer climbing experiences. 

Office Staffing
The Westminster Outdoor Program office is the brain of the many arms of the Program as a whole. Students working in the office gain valuable experience with the trip planning process, gear repair and communications. 

Other Community Partnerships and Support
The Westminster Outdoor Program works to increase accessibility of the outdoors by supporting community partnerships. Aside from running trips for the Westminster community, in previous summers for example we have also supported Real Food Rising, Rowland Hall, and Club U at the University of Utah’s summer programs.

Trips & Events with the Westminster Community
While not as frequent as during the fall and spring semesters, the Outdoor Program still offers trips and events for the Westminster Community throughout the summer. We're also able to offer unique programming such as faculty/staff events during this time.

Professional Development
Students involved summer with the Outdoor Program attend extensive and varied training from how to work with different age groups in the outdoors to how to paddle a packraft effectively. This type of training is tough to squeeze into fall and/or spring semesters, making summer also a unique time to gain skils that are essential to working in various capacites not only with the Outdoor Program, but also beyond Westminster!