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A Message From President Levin-Stankevich


On behalf of the entire Westminster College community, I wish to extend our most sincere and hearty welcome. We are all are dedicated to the success of each of our students. At Westminster, our size and the absolute commitment of our faculty and staff members to our students mean that each student receives individual attention.

The key to gaining maximum benefit from the college experience is involvement. I encourage everyone in the Westminster family to seek out all of the wonderful opportunities here. Talk to faculty outside of the classroom, attend events on campus, join student organizations, and connect to people and organizations in our community that keep you grounded while opening up possibilities for the future. By becoming involved a student may discover where their real passion lies and how to live out that passion in life beyond college.

Westminster students, you will have opportunities to put the skills you are learning in your classes into practice. By taking advantage of those opportunities, you will develop the true benefits of a college education. You will learn how to learn—how to teach yourself, a skill you will need throughout your life. You will develop as a leader and as a supportive follower—both are needed in work and in life. These circumstances will challenge your interpersonal skills in groups and with other individuals. You will benefit even more from taking advantage of these opportunities both within and outside the classroom when you document the learning that you experience in your Westminster College eportfolio. This will be a record of your education that goes far beyond the usual college transcript. It will allow you to “connect the dots” in your experiences and portray for others a full picture of the advantages you can bring to an organization or the workplace. In it, you will also see how you have truly evolved intellectually, socially, and professionally. We care very much that each student succeeds.

As the semester begins, we all share the anticipation and excitement of new experiences, new acquaintances, and the knowledge that we will end the academic year as different individuals than we begin it. We will have mastered more subject material. We might meet that professor who kindles an interest or even a passion for further study of a discipline. We might come to know someone who will become a lifelong friend. Those of us who teach and support student learning and growth at the college will also be different. We will have met new students, motivated them and been challenged by them. We too will grow and change. I know this will be an exciting adventure.

I hope you will continue to explore the unique advantages of a Westminster College education. Join us for a campus visit when you are in the beautiful Salt Lake area. I know you will be impressed. 


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