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Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions


Course 1 – You as a Leader - This overarching course begins the transformation process from being managers to being true Leaders – Leaders who can move the organization toward realizing the organization’s full potential; Leaders who can set a vision, plan to achieve that vision, and motivate stakeholders; Leaders who can:  Lead, Communicate and Inspire; Chart a Strategic Direction; and Drive High Performance.

Lead, Communicate, and Inspire

Course 2 – Communicate the Vision - Craft messages and deliver presentations that propel the organization forward, that communicate a vision, and that compel others to buy into a vision.

Course 3 - Inspire, Negotiate, and Coach - Use coaching tools to evoke the highest performance possible.  Master the art of negotiation and conflict resolution to deepen relationships and enhance effectiveness.

Course 4 – Lead Teams and Projects - Develop tools to lead teams and projects that deliver results on-spec, on-time and on-budget.  Harness the power of teams to jumpstart the achievement of organizational goals and performance.

Chart a Strategic Direction

Course 5 – Evaluate the Market - Evaluate the external environment of the organization - competitors, clients - to uncover invaluable market intelligence and trends.  Support concise and accurate strategic decision making.

Course 6 – Create Strategy - Shape strategy that gives the organization a “global-best” market direction, even when that direction requires difficult decisions.  Develop implementation plans that map a clear path toward fulfillment of strategic direction.

Course 7 – Change & Innovate - Foster the culture and discussions necessary to keep the organization innovating, always ahead of others in the market.  Evaluate and implement change that builds upon the organization’s advantages and attributes.

Drive High Performance

Course 8 – Retain & Energize Talent - Build highly productive talent and teams that are able to fully realize the organization’s goals and vision.  Use tools to challenge, promote, and retain the talent you need.

Course 9 – Evaluate Financial Performance to Lead Change - Measure and evaluate the organization’s track record, using validated metrics that assess the company’s client, finance, process, and productivity parameters, as well as strategic goal achievement.

Course 10 – Lead Process Improvement - Rebuild and reinvigorate processes in collaboration with key stakeholders to move the organization closer to its goals.  Map, evaluate and execute processes that enhance performance.

Additional Available Topics

Course 11 – Analyzing Information - Use basic and intermediate Excel to analyze data in order to make informed decisions and build strategic business leadership skills. 


Course 12 – Sales and Customer Relationship Management - Lead your organization in customer development and management by growing client relationships and improving your sales process. Create a customer development and management plan that contributes the growth of your company.