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Register for Classes

Register for Classes

At Westminster, students register either in person at the Registrar's Office (first-year Freshman use the START Center - see below) or online.

Please note:

  • New first-year students (Freshman) and new transfers students must register for classes in person through the START Center.
  • Returning students (Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors), and Graduate students register through the Registrar's Office or online using WebAvisor.
  • Students with 60 or more credit hours (junior standing) are required to declare a major. Juniors who have not declared a major will have a hold placed on their account, preventing registration, until the major is declared. For instructions on how to declare a major, go to our Major Declaration page.

Registering In Person

To register in person, please come to the Registrar's Office during regular business hours.

Registering Online

To register online, students will need to use WebAdvisor, our online web application for accessing college information. Enrolled students can use WebAdvisor to check grades, search for classes, register online, and add/drop classes.

Making Sure You Can Register Online - BEFORE Registration!

Please help yourself by making sure you can use WebAdvisor prior to the actual day of registration. In order to use WebAdvisor to register for classes, you MUST do the following:

  • you must be a currently enrolled student
  • you must have attended at least one semester of classes at Westminster (incoming Freshman should contact the START Center and first-semester Graduate Students must enroll in person through the Registrar's Office)
  • you must have no holds on your account (meaning no late fees, fines, etc.)
  • you must pass all eligibility requirements (e.g., students with more than 60 hours must officially declare a major before they can register)

Accessing WebAdvisor

Please click here to access WebAdvisor. You will be instructed to fill out one or more forms depending on your status.