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Frequently Asked Questions


There are many questions that you may have as you prepare to live on campus. Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions that students have asked: 

Are first-year students guaranteed housing?

Yes. First-year students are guaranteed housing if applications are received prior to May 15. Students sending housing applications after May 15 will be placed based upon availability of housing. First-year student housing is in our traditional halls: Hogle and Carleson and in our apartment style halls: Olwell and Behnken.

 What if I have a friend who wants to live with me? or How ARE ROOMMATES PAIRED?

Specific roommates may be paired with one another and both should indicate on their housing contract/roommate preference form that they want to live with each other. However, this is not a guarantee. A first-year student may live in the Residential Village with other first-year students. First-year students will not be placed with upperclass students even if their prospective roommate is an upperclass student. If you do not have a friend you want to live with, roommates are matched based upon the Roommate Preference form required with the housing contract. Most roommates get along, although, on occasion problems arise. Resident Advisors (RAs) can mediate between roommates having troubles. If a problem cannot be resolved, students are sometimes relocated to another room.   

Tell me about the residential meal plans. Do I have to have one?

All residential students are required to have a meal plan. Money on a meal plan that is not used during the fall semester can carry into the spring semester and May term, as long as the student continues to live in campus housing. However, students forfeit their remaining balances at the end of the academic year, or when they move out of campus housing. The meal plan is good only for the Shaw Dining Hall, Griff's Roost and library cafe. For more information on residential meal plans click here

 Tell me about the housing rules.

  • Although Westminster is the only non-dry college in all of Utah, no alcohol is allowed in Hogle, Carleson, Olwell and Behnken Halls as they are predominantly occupied by first-year students under the age of 21. Alcohol is allowed in Residential Hall rooms that are occupied by students over the age of 21.

  • All weapons and drugs are illegal and having possession of them may result in you having to move out of the residence halls.

  • Smoking is allowed only outside and twenty-five feet away from all buildings, this is in accordance to the Utah Indoor Clean Air Act. 

  • Residents may have one overnight guest for two nights with their roommate(s) approval and need to register their guests with their Resident Advisor (RA). Residents are responsible for the actions of their guests.

  • There are no "curfews," but quiet hours are in effect after 10:00 p.m. Sunday though Thursday and after midnight on weekends. 24-hour Courtesy Hours apply at all times if someone is being disrupted by other residents on the floor. 

  • Microwaves, George Foreman grills, candles, and incense are not allowed in the rooms because of fire-safety regulations.

  • Other College policies and procedures can be found in our Handbook Section. 

What types of activities are there?

Resident Advisor's program at least one event each month in the hall for their residents. Residence Hall Association (RHA) is a group of residents that plans social events in the halls as well. RHA serves as the voice for all students living within the residence halls. ASWC also provides numerous activities around campus. Programs include bands, dances, sporting events, open-mic night, comedians, lectures, diversity discussions, movies, and lots of free food! Most students are here on weekends, but some do take day trips up to ski!

May first-year students have cars on campus?

Any student is allowed to have a car on campus. However, parking may be difficult on weekdays during peak class hours. Students can easily survive without a car as numerous businesses and restaurants are within walking distance -- movie theater, grocery stores, clothing shops, and Barnes and Noble. You can also pick up public transportation next to campus.

Is this a safe campus?

Westminster is a very safe campus. Westminster has 24-hour/7-days-a-week campus security. For emergency situations, a professional staff member living on campus is always on call.

Do I have to move out over winter break?

If students are returning to the same room in the spring semester, they may leave their belongings in their room over Winter Break, but Campus Housing does close during the holiday season in December. Students can apply for an "Extension of Occupancy" in coordination with the Office of Residence Life in order to stay in campus housing over the Winter Break. Extension of Occupancy applications must be filled out prior to December 1 in order to be considered. Summer housing is available for continuing students.

Where do I tell my family and friends to send me mail?

Your Name
Your Room (999 Carleson Hall)
1840 South 1300 East
Salt Lake City, UT 84105