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2011-2012 Student Health Insurance

Students are encouraged to carry health and accident insurance.  One such policy can be obtained through the American College Student Association.  There are different options and rates available to students.  Costs may vary somewhat due to the student's age.  Coverage is also available for family members.  The plan is brokered through Northwestern Mutual Financial Network.  A premium rate example for a student 24 years of age or under is: 

  • Low Option Plan: $1,018 per year
  • High Option Plan: $1,406 per year

For more information, please visit ACSA or call Nathan White at Northwestern Mutual Financial Network at (801) 433-1686.  They work with a variety of providers and can sometimes find plans with rates even better than mentioned above if the student is in good health. 

Please note that all international students and student athletes attending Westminster College are required to carry coverage.  Students admitted to the nursing program are required to provide evidence of health insurance coverage.  All students traveling on a college trip (May Term, Retreats, Conferences, Study Abroad , etc.) must also show proof of insurance.