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Program Package

Winter at Westminster Program Package


The Winter at Westminster program is an affordable, all-inclusive winter experience package for visiting and current Westminster students. The 2013 academic semester begins on January 3rd and concludes on April 26th.

The following outlines the financial package, including tuition, housing, and the Vertical Degree experiences:

W@W Program Fee                                                               $1,850 (includes season pass)

Tuition for 2013 spring semester (12-16 credits)             $14,105*

Room (double)                                                                          $2,273

Gold Meal Plan                                                                         $1,672

Total                                                                                             $19,900**

*Tuition includes membership to the college's Health and Wellness Center.

**Total cost may change based on meal plan choice and/or double occupancy rooms.

Please note that you will spend approximately $150 on backcountry gear rentals if you don't already own it.

Merit-Based Scholarships

Winter at Westminster students are automatically considered for Westminster’s merit-based scholarships upon admission. Scholarship consideration will be based on the home institution GPA. Scholarships require full-time attendance (12-16 semester hours) during the spring semester of the program.

Students who wish to return and participate in another Winter at Westminster semester must reapply to the program. They are also automatically considered for Westminster merit-based scholarships upon re-admission. Scholarship consideration will be based on the Westminster GPA earned from the previous semester provided the student attended full-time and maintained at least a 2.75 GPA at Westminster College.




Scholarship $4,000

3.5 - 4.0

Scholarship $3,500

3.25 - 3.49

Scholarship $3,000

3.0 - 3.24

Scholarship $2,500

2.75 - 2.99


Payment Options

We want as many students as possible to have a chance to participate in Winter at Westminster, which is why we are willing to work with you and explore payment options for financing. Please contact Irene Lokcik at 801.832.2134 to make special financial arrangements, prior to January 3rd. We want you to be able to join us for the semester and are willing to work with you to make this dream a reality.

Complete payment of the W@W program fee, tuition, room and meal plan is due in full by January 3rd (the first day of class), unless special arrangements have been made.  Failure to pay on time may lead to removal from the W@W program.

Visiting-student vs. Degree-seeking student

Federal financial aid opportunities are available for degree-seeking students only.

Consortium Agreements

If you need further financial aid assistance, it is recommended that you combine your merit-based scholarship award with a consortium agreement. You can lower your costs by asking your college to sign a consortium agreement which will enable your federal financial aid to transfer with you while you participate in Winter at Westminster.