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Converse Society

The Converse Society

Named for Westminster’s historic Converse Hall, the Converse Society honors those friends and alumni who have committed a gift to the college through their will or estate plan.

A Legacy of Learning

Every year, Westminster students benefit from meaningful gifts from Converse Society members who have remembered the college through their will or other planned gift. Converse Society membership is open to any individual or couple who designates a planned gift to the college.

How to Become a Member of the Converse Society

Alumni and friends of the college who have remembered Westminster in their will or estate plan are eligible for membership. A donor need only make us aware of his or her gift to be included. You need not tell us the amount of the gift. Letting us know of the gift provides us the opportunity to record the gift’s intended use and gives us the opportunity to say thank you.

Benefits of Converse Society Membership

The most important benefit is the knowledge that you are making Westminster a stronger institution and preserving the college’s culture of caring for future generations. More tangible benefits include:

o    Admission to Westminster music, theater, and sporting events
o    Converse Society mailings, including Legacy of Learning, an estate planning newsletter
o    Auditing Westminster College courses (arranged through the office of gift planning on a space available basis)
o    Invitation to Converse Society events