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Program Objectives

Westminster College's Theatre Major Objectives

The Theatre program offers training in performance, or technical theatre, leading to the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree. It also offers a generalist Theatre major (BA), Theatre minor, and a Theatre Teaching minor. The BFA program allows students to concentrate in either technical theatre or performance. This program prepares students for entry into professional Theatre and/or graduate studies in Theatre. The generalist major and minor provides a course of study for students with an avocational interest in Theatre, and students who plan to pursue graduate studies in theatrical arts. Both programs are designed to provide students with practical production experiences that will develop their ability to express themselves creatively in the Theatre. To this end, students will gain a broad understanding of Theatre and Theatre history and become disciplined in a variety of specific areas such as auditioning, acting technique, stage-management, and stage design.

Performance students will be required to cultivate healthy body awareness, flexibility, and endurance with mandatory hours clocked at the Health and Wellness Activity Center. (This requirement can be double-dipped with yoga and dance courses.) Every week, students will blog about insights, discoveries, “ah-ha” moments and challenges they encounter. Faculty advisors will meet monthly with students to discuss their writings, their progress and their production work. Once every semester a faculty panel will review each student’s classroom and production work in order to provide constructive feedback.

Students are required to complete twenty hours of crew and production work per year. In the final year, BFA students are required to take a seminar course in which they will meet weekly with faculty mentors to produce and/or complete work (e.g., portfolio, audition pieces, etc.) designed to assist in furthering their careers.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Degree (BFA)

After completing the Lower Division Theatre Courses, students must declare an area of emphasis and apply for acceptance into the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre program.

Requirements for each emphasis:
Technical Theatre emphasis: Students must submit a portfolio;

Performance emphasis: Students will have to audition. The portfolio/audition should contain examples of work that the student has produced while at Westminster College. The application is due by the Friday before spring break in the main office of the School of Arts and Sciences. The BFA admissions committee will review the portfolios/auditions and notify students prior to registration for the Fall Semester.

Students who are not accepted may continue working as academic majors and reapply the following year. Transfer students will follow the same process for acceptance to the BFA track, except that the portfolio may contain work produced while studying at other institutions of higher education.