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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many students are currently enrolled in the Department of Theatre as Majors?
36 total students: 8 BFA in Theatre Performance, 5 BFA in Theatre Tech, and 23 BA in Theatre 

2. How many students are currently enrolled in the Department of Theatre as Minors?
There are currently 9 minors.

3. What is the ratio of male to female students in the department?
27 Women to 18 men.

4. What is the student to faculty ratio within the department?
6 full-time faculty members, 5 adjunct faculty.  The ratio evens out to around 1 teacher to every 10 students. 

5. May non-majors participate in the department, academically and extra-curricularly? Please explain.
Yes.  Non-majors can to fulfill various Liberal Education requirements with certain theatre classes, and we encourage non-major participation on stage and off in the 5 annual theatre productions. 

6. What internship opportunities are available for students?

Many of our students complete internships at local semi-professional and professional theatre companies. Our resident technical director, Spencer Brown, also provides them with technical work for paid opportunities at a semi-professional company that he is also employed with.  Additionally, faculty member Jared Larkin is also the owner and creator of Pinnacle Acting Company, a Semi-professional theatre company in the area that provides students with theatre opportunities.
7. Does the department employ a student evaluation system such as juries or barriers?
Yes.  At the end of every year, students are required to perform pieces that they have been working on. This allows the faculty to ensure you are on track with your progress in the program. It also provides students extra opportunities to gain "audition" experience. After these juries, the faculty will discuss your performance and will provide tips and advice to help you with the rest of your college theatre career.  All majors hoping to graduate with a BFA in theatre, technical or performance, must audition into the program at the end of their sophomore year at Westminster.  

8. What kind of study abroad opportunities are available (either through your school or an outside schools)?

Westminster has a very wide study abroad program.  Many of our students choose to study theatre in various countries of their choosing but they are also offered many opportunities for May term study abroad with the department. 

9. Are there any department special rules and policies that students must adhere to?
They must audition for all shows at Westminster if they are a major.  They are allowed to audition and work outside of Westminster, in fact they are encouraged to do so to gain a wider variety of technique. Westminster's theatre program focuses on the whole person and our actors health and well-being is emphasized as much as actor training.  Students must complete 30 hours of recreational activity a semester whether in our on-campus gym or on their own.  
10. Are there scholarships, awards, or prizes for theatre students? 
Yes! Incoming freshman have a plethora of opportunities for scholarships, not only through the theatre department but the school in general. 98% of the students that attend Westminster are on some form of scholarship. Theatre scholarships involve an audition and/or interview, generally in Febuary or March before a student enters Westminster. 

11. Are there any non-departmental groups of note? 
Yes! Our students form their own theatre groups. We have a Westminster Theatre Society that is completely student run, a Dead Playwrights Society where students gather to read and discuss plays, and a Leading Ladies Company where students put on socially conscious plays throughout the year, and the proceeds are donated to a cause in need. 
12. Does the department have any partnerships with outside organizations (I.E. community theatres, troups, etc)? 
Westminster is the host school for the Classical Greek Theatre Festival of Utah The festival has been around for 44 years and is a staple in the community. This is a professional operation that provides paid opportunities for our students. Additionally, faculty member Jared Larkin is also the owner and creator of Pinnacle Acting Company, a Semi-professional theatre company. Many students have had the opportunity to be involved in Pinnacle productions. 
13. Does the department utilize any social media?  

Westminster College Theatre
Westminster Theatre Society
Westminster Theatre Majors, Minors, and Friends
The Dead Playwrights Society of Westminster

If you have additional questions please feel free to email any one of our faculty members and they would be happy to assist you.