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Maggie Frazier

Westminster College Student Spotlight: Maggie Frazier


Major: Public HealthMaggie Frazier

Hometown: Laramie, WY

Extra-curricular activities: Outdoor Recreation, Cru, Pierced, Service, Resident Advisor

Hobbies/likes: People, climbing, hiking, dancing, singing, Frisbee, concerts--especially free ones, running, movies, reading, Jesus

Why did you choose Westminster over other schools?
I choose Westminster mainly because of the scholarship opportunities, as well as the great Outdoor Recreation department and location.

What do you particularly like about your major?
I love that Public Health relates to everything in the world and is a field with many opportunities. Mainly, I love the thought of being an essential part of people’s well-being and want to encourage those around me, now and in the future, to live healthier, holistic lives.

How do faculty play a role in your learning at Westminster?
Knowing professors and administrators on a first-name basis is amazing. Feeling like I am known and supported in my learning as well as my day-to-day life provides great confidence and belief that I can achieve my goals here at Westminster and in my future.

How do you feel about your learning experiences at Westminster?
With access to personal support and a great community, Westminster provides a unique opportunity to learn and grow as an individual.  It is dedicated to developing the student as a whole and relating to them on more than just an educational level. However, the academic experience is one with incredible opportunities that simply can't be found anywhere else. Access to accomplished and knowledgeable professors, staff and friends of the college is an invaluable benefit of being a student at Westminster.

What else would you like to share about your overall experience at Westminster?
Westminster has been an amazing place to connect with people from hundreds of different backgrounds, cultures and lifestyles, providing interesting and challenging perspectives. Everyone that you meet at Westminster has a story to share about how he or she ended up at here.