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  1. Can the GMAT be waived?
    The GMAT may be waived based on the applicant's work experience and previous academic performance. For more information, please contact the graduate admissions office at 801.832.2200 or 800.748.4753
  2. What is the current tuition rate for the MBA, MBATC & PMBA programs? Tuition for the MBA programs is $52,000 ($1,333 per credit hour) for the full 39 credit hour program when you begin in the 2013-2014 academic year. Tuition is inclusive to cover course work, books, fees, networking events, seminars and a ten-day international contextual tour.
  3. Is there a program of study that focuses on Accounting?
    We do have an elective portion in the MBA that allows you to "specialize" your degree. You can add in what we call a graduate certificate in accounting using the electives of the MBA. When this occurs, you graduate with a full MBA and a graduate certificate in accounting. We also offer a Master of Accountancy degree.
  4. How is your MBA designed?
    Our MBA is designed to give you cross-functional literacy across all functional areas of business. We want to make sure that as executive-level decision makers, our graduates are able to have literacy and understanding of the impacts of those decisions on ALL areas.
  5. What separates the MBATC from the traditional MBA? The MBATC focuses on special challenges faced by technology-based firms (especially startups) and innovative new products. Traditionally the MBATC student has a background in math, science or technology. While you take many of the same classes, 12 credits out of the 39 will be MBATC specific.
  6. How long is the program? 
    The MBA program requires a minimum of 39 credit hours. The average person completes in 2.5 years and if you take a full-time schedule (two classes per block), you’ll complete the program in around two years.
  7. When can I start the program? 
    We offer flexibility in starting times for students. Our main start dates are Fall (August), Spring (January), Summer (May).
  8. How much time should I give myself for schoolwork? 
    Throughout the program, you will have classes two nights a week if you’re a full-time student. Each class is three hours and twenty minutes in length and homework is usually three to five hours per week per class. As a total, you should expect 12-16 hours of total work.

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If you have additional questions please contact our Graduate Admissions Office at 801.832.2200 or 800.748.4753.