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Owen Wells

Owen Wells '75

BS Business

Owen Wells finished his BS in business administration and economics at Westminster in 1975. He now works tirelessly to save lives around the world by being an advocate for the international bone marrow registry. The journey started for Owen when his adopted daughter, Kailee, developed aplastic anemia and required bone marrow transplants. Owen and his wife knew very little about Kailee’s biological family, the people who would be closet bone marrow match and give them the best chance at saving their daughter. When most would give up, Owen made it a life mission to spread the word about the critical need for bone marrow donors. He became an expert on the topic and traveled the country to cities with large Asian populations to educate and register volunteers. His motto became: “I may not save my daughter, but I’m not going to let this happen to other people.”

Owen’s commitment to social responsibility and global consciousness are hallmarks of a Westminster education. This work engages the written and oral communication skills Owen learned at Westminster as he communicates with people from various backgrounds and education levels to inform them of the importance of this issue. After all of his effort, Owen was able to find a donor for his daughter. Owen now leads an international campaign for bone marrow registration through his contacts with Westminster College, the United States Marine Corps, and national media to continue to encourage people to register.