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Coral Azarian


Concierge Desk/Shaw

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Coal Azarian - Email resume to


The Campus Concierge Desk is available for all students, faculty, and staff members to purchase discounted tickets, ski passes, information for on and off campus events, community volunteering, and various school programs. The desk employees provide information, answer questions, answer campus phone calls, and monitor the campus lost and found.

Job Description: Sell tickets; answer campus information questions; working with the public, students, faculty, and staff members; acting as a student representative; giving directions on campus and using public transit; responsible for cash, credit, and check transactions; following specific protocols for ticket sales and lost and found items; answering the phone and voicemail messages. An ideal candidate will be eager to learn all of the details of campus, will work well with people, have
excellent communication skills, is capable of multitasking, takes responsibilities seriously, and has the ability to self-direct.

To apply for this position, email your resume to Coral Azarian at

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