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Degrees Offered

Art Degrees Offered


Bachelor of Fine Arts

The Bachelor of Fine Arts is the most intensive degree in fine arts offered at Westminster. With this course of study, you’ll be introduced to varied art forms, as well as choose an area of emphasis in painting and drawing, pottery, photography or studio arts. In this studio-heavy program, in addition to gaining an appreciation for the cultural significance of visual expression, you will get the personal attention and gain the experience that you need to develop a strong body of work. You’ll spend most of your time making your own art, with plenty of opportunities for feedback from your teachers and fellow students. If you intend to become a serious professional artist, continue the study of art in graduate school, pursue one of the many careers in art, or simply devote yourself to your artwork to make your portfolio as strong as it can be, the BFA is for you.

Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in art offers a good balance between the study of art and liberal education. In this major, you will be introduced to a variety of disciplines and ideas. Because this course of study includes many hours of elective classes, you will choose from several fine art studio classes to personalize your experience. Although not as rigorous as the BFA, the BA strongly emphasizes studio arts in a supportive and nurturing environment to help you develop your artistic skills. If you’re looking for a degree in Art as part of a double major or if you want a well-rounded degree that will give you the opportunity to explore your artistic interests, the BA in art from Westminster is a good choice.

Other Degrees in Art

We also offer a teaching major, for those interested in teaching art in public schools; an arts administration major, for those interested in working for arts organizations and institutions; a teaching minor; and an academic minor.


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