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Theatre Arts

Theater Arts Program Student Learning Outcomes

  • Students will develop the skills needed to communicate visually as well as produce creative, expressive, and distinctive work—on the page, on-stage, and backstage. (Creative and reflective capacities)
  • Students will learn to deeply appreciate the role of story as the driving energy in all theatrical work—artistic and academic. (Writing and other communication skills)
  • Students will demonstrate the leadership skills necessary to facilitate the collaborative, ensemble environment that is the hallmark of great theatre. (Leadership, collaboration, and teamwork)
  • Students will embrace their role as inductees into the centuries-old fraternity of theatre artists. (Critical, analytical and integrative thinking)
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to think, write, and speak self-reflectively, analytically and fluently, about their own and other’s work.(Writing and other communication skills)
  • Students will expand their personal, social, and global understanding through engagement in an intentionally diverse array of theatre work—on campus, in site-specific settings, and in community contexts. (Global consciousness, social responsibility, and ethical awareness)
  • Students will explore the connection between physical, mental, and emotional health and successful theatre work.
  • Performance BFAs will select and prepare appropriate repertoire to market themselves, audition for future theatre work, and/or successfully pursue graduate studies. (Critical, analytical and integrative thinking)
  • Technical theatre BFAs will design and produce effective portfolios that showcase their knowledge, skills, and personal qualities and help them secure future theatre work and/or successfully pursue graduate studies. (Critical, analytical and integrative thinking)
  • BA theatre majors will demonstrate the core artistic and academic competencies that inform all theatre studies and incorporate the knowledge, skills, and personal qualities of focused theatre work in their choice of career paths. (Critical, analytical and integrative thinking)
  • All theatre students will appreciate the value of authentic inquiry, the need for risk taking, and the lifelong skills of effective self-evaluation, active listening, spontaneous generosity, and insatiable curiosity. (Creative and reflective capacities) 

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