Flight Training Costs

Flight training costs are in addition to regular tuition. At Westminster College, you will quickly discover that we will never compromise safety and quality.


Our fleet is maintained by professional, and very experienced Aviation Maintenance Technicians. They maintain the fleet in top condition. They've made several positive improvements to our fleet that improve the safety and quality of the fleet including adding equipment for balancing propellers, using higher-quality tires, installing brake pads with wear indicators, and adding improved avionics. 


Westminster College is unique in its approach to providing flight training. With quality as a top priority one-on-one ground instruction with your personal flight instructor is free under most circumstances. The industry standard is to pay by the hour. The culture that has been strategically created at the Flight Operations Center is such that if you have a question, or if you need to spend some extra time in the books, our flight instructors are open to help you. This may sound like the obvious way to operate a quality program. We strongly agree, although you may find wide variances in the flight training industry. Your personal flight instructor will not be replaced by a video tape or a CD-Rom course.

Flight Training Costs

With some of the highest Safety and Quality standards in the industry, we are pleased to provide a competitively-priced estimate of flight training costs.  

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