Our Fleet


Our current fleet consists of 8 Piper Archers, 2 Piper Arrows, 1 Piper Seminole, and 2 Cessna 172 SP that are equipped with a Garmin 1000. All Piper aircraft are new from the factory, GPS-equipped and feature the latest designs for modern training aircraft.

The Archers fill the basic trainer role, with the Arrows providing the transition to a complex trainer and the Seminole adding multi-engine training. The Cessnas provide students with the opportunity to train with glass instrumentation.

Simulation Resources

To complement these aircraft, the Flight Operations Center and the Aviation Simulation Center on campus feature state-of-the art flight training devices, including one Frasca 141, one Frasca 142 (with 170o display), an MFD (Modular Flight Deck), a glass cockpit jet trainer, and several PCATDs (Personal Computer Aircraft Training Devices).

Frasca 142

Westminster's upgraded Frasca 142 serves as the number one tool for instrument training and airline interview preparation. In addition, this simulator incorporated a 170o wrap-around screen in order to provide the most accurate and realistic environment for our students.