Aviation Awards Ceremony

Aviation Awards Ceremony

Every year, we look forward to recognizing our graduating aviation management and flight operations students at our annual awards ceremony. 

Since 2002, thanks to the generosity of Stroud Jewelers (Salt Lake City, Utah), we have been able to recognize our top two graduates by presenting them with Chase-Durer pilot watches.

Award Criteria

  • Academic Award: This award is presented to the graduating Aviation Management or Flight Operations student who best exemplifies high academic achievement. The student is selected based on nominations by Westminster faculty, cumulative grade-point-average, scholarships earned, academic recognition, extra-curricular activities, and service to the college and the
  • Aviation Award: This award is presented to the graduating Flight Operations student who is considered “the best aviator” based on flying ability and level of participation in aviation clubs and activities. This student best exemplifies high standards of excellence and dedication to aviation and is selected based on nominations by Westminster faculty or staff.

Previous Award Winners:

2015 Academic Award--Silas Eldredge

2015 Aviation Award--Cullen Burgess

2014 Academic Award--Amy Booth

2014 Aviation Award--Payum Abtahi

2013 Academic Award--Christina Rzeplinski

2013 Aviation Award--Doug Vogel

2012 Academic Award--Joey Cathcart

2012 Aviation Award--David Atkinson

2011 Academic Award--Carl Berggren

2011 Aviation Award--Jay Barnfield-Robinson

2010 Academic Award--Shawn Walter

2010  Aviation Award--Mike Digrazia

2009  Academic Award--Tim Hinojosa

2009 Aviation Award--Tim Wilky

2008 Academic Award--Mike Leaver

2008 Aviation Award--Riley Bogden

2007 Academic Award--Cameron Adams

2007 Aviation Award--Tony Bianchi

2006 Academic Award--Aleesa Kurtz

2006 Aviation Award--Greg Baser

2005 Academic Award--Jeremy Degagne

2005 Aviation Award--Tyson Aoki

2004 Academic Award--Benjamin Bigelow

2004 Aviation Award--Nathan Miller

2003 Academic Award--Michael Brgoch

2003 Aviation Award--Valerie Samore

2002 Academic Award--Kent Maraffio

2002 Aviation Award--Matthew Ham