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Fine Arts

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)

After completing the Lower Division Art Courses, students apply for acceptance into
the Bachelor of Fine Arts program by declaring an area of emphasis and submitting
a portfolio during Spring Semester of the sophomore year. The portfolio should
reflect the applicant’s intended area of emphasis and should contain 8–12 examples
of artwork that the student has produced while at Westminster College. The portfolio
is due by the Friday before spring break in the main office of the School of Arts
and Sciences. The BFA admissions committee will review the portfolios and notify
students prior to registration for the Fall Semester. Students who art not accepted
may continue working as art majors in the BA track, and are encouraged to reapply
again the following year. Transfer students will follow this same process for
acceptance to the BFA track, except that the portfolio may contain artwork produced
while studying at other institutions of higher education. 

Program Requirements

Students must maintain a minimum 2.3 GPA in courses required for the Art B.A.
and BFA. With the approval of the instructor, students may repeat specified studio
courses for additional credit.