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Westminster's Biology Program

Welcome to the Biology program in the Meldrum Science Center! Our students and faculty work together in innovative classrooms and modern research spaces. Our goal is to create environments for active learning, where students construct their own knowledge, guided by faculty experts in their field. Through courses in fieldwork, experimentation, research, and internships, biology students learn about the world we live in by engaging the process of scientific inquiry. Undergraduate research is prominent in our program and is offered to students to learn first-hand how new knowledge is generated. 


The Biology program offers a breadth of coursework, and students can choose course and customize their degree plan on the subfield that most interests them. Students are prepared to attend graduate school in the sciences; attend medical or veterinary school; teach biology in secondary schools; work in field biology; enter the biotechnology job market; or apply their knowledge to other fields. Recent biology graduates are accepted to professional and graduate schools at a rate of 50-100% each year, or enter the workforce prepared for success.