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Economics Pre-Law

Economics Pre-Law Major

Why Study Economics - Pre-Law?

Students who wish to pursue careers in either graduate economics or in law are well prepared for study when completing this major.  The Bachelor of Arts in Economics Pre-Law allows students to study economics and related fields to prepare for desired careers.

What Will I Learn?   What are the Economics, Pre-Law Learning Goals?

 A Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics with a Pre-Law concentration to prepares students for graduate work in law or economics. Economics trains students to analyze legal issues in terms of costs and benefits. The extensive use of models helps students to approach problems logically. Moreover, many law schools incorporate economic principles in their approach to the law. The program further requires a minor in English, Philosophy, or business.

  1. Demonstrate an ability to apply economic reasoning to legal issues.
  2. Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively.
  3. Demonstrate an appreciation of the historical, cultural, and institutional foundations of the economy.
  4. Demonstrate understanding of the policy implications of economic theories.
What Else?

 The specific degree requirements can be found by following this link.

How Can I Learn More?

Contact the program director, Dr. Michael Mamo at 801.832.2631 or by email at