Bill and Vieve Gore School of Business

Bill and Vieve Gore School of BusinessThe Bill and Vieve Gore School of Business building was dedicated on October 19, 1988 under the presidency of Charles H. Dick (1985–1995). Funded by the Gore family, alumni, and founders of Gore Industries, the building was expanded and re-dedicated in 2002, doubling in size to house the new Center for Business, Aviation, and Entrepreneurship. The building now features innovative new laboratories, an entrepreneurship center, new aviation simulation facilities, as well as an auditorium to host programs and conferences.

ADA Compliancy

Accessible entrances: north
Accessible restrooms: all floors
Automatic doors: one, north; one, west
Elevator(s)/Lift(s): one
Reserved parking: south, East Hogle Parking Lot


Aviation Flight Simulator/Test Center

School of Business/Aviation
    -Dean/Faculty Offices
    -Master of Business Administration (MBA)