Dolores Dore Eccles Ceramic Center

Dolores Dore Eccles Ceramic CenterFormerly the Pontz House, built in 1958 as a gift from Dr. Parke Pontz and his wife under President Frank E. Duddy (1956–1963), it was originally a residence for use by a member of the administrative staff. The house was renovated during Peggy Stock's term (1995–2002) with funding help from the DDE foundation as a new and spacious pottery studio, replacing the old farmhouse that stood where Stock Hall stands now. The modernized center features classrooms for all of the college's popular ceramic art classes, including wheel-thrown and hand-built pottery classes.

ADA Compliancy

Accessible entrances: north, automatic doors not yet available
Accessible restrooms: one, main floor
Elevator(s)/Lift(s): one
Reserved parking: north, East Hogle Parking Lot


Pottery Studio
Biology Lab