2002 2003 Gender Studies (GNDR)

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Faculty: Bonnie Baxter, Yeou-Lan Chen, Carolyn Connell, Georgiana Donavin, Susan Gunter, Elree Harris, Bridget Newell, Jeff Nichols, Michael Popich, Gita Rakhsha, Natasha Saje, Gretchen Siegler, Barbara Smith, Janine Wanlass


The interdisciplinary minor in gender studies provides students with the opportunity to understand and critically analyze the impact gender has on individuals and society. Some courses focus exclusively on women or on men, while others focus on broader issues relevant to both women and men. The minor is based on an inclusive framework that encourages and supports an emphasis on issues of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, class, and culture.

The minor is designed to help students develop a deeper understanding of themselves and the world in which they live; sharpen critical thinking skills; and prepare for careers in business, industry, government, and academic settings.

Program Requirements

The minor requires students to complete twenty-four credit hours of GNDR courses, many of which are crosslisted with courses offered in other disciplines including COMM, ENGL, HIST, MATH, NURS, PHIL, PSYC, and SOC. The final requirement is the senior project or thesis; students who must complete a senior project or thesis for their major may undertake one thesis or project that will count for both requirements. Students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.3 in all GNDR courses.

For course prerequisites please refer to the course description.

Academic Minor

Requirement Description

Credit Hours


Required Courses


GNDR 100 Introduction to Gender Studies
GNDR 300 Special Topics
GNDR 400 Senior Project/Thesis

16 - 17
3 - 4