2005 - 2006 Human Resource Management Courses



Special Topics in Human Resource Management


A changing-title course in contemporary human resource management. Prerequisite: MGMT 305.




Directed Studies


A tutorial-based course used only for student-initiated proposals for intensive individual study of topics not otherwise offered in the HRM Program. Prerequisites: MGMT 305 and consent of instructor and school dean.




Human Resource Management


Gives an overview of the field including international human resource management. Focuses on developing HRM strategies and policy choices, outcomes, and consequences in dealing with employee influence, work systems, and reward systems. Prerequisite: MGMT 305.




Training and Development


Prepares the student primarily for training and training management responsibilities within a human resource department. Includes conference, seminar, and workshop administration, and hiring and management of external trainers. Teaches stand-up training skills, training plan preparation, and facilitation skills. Prepares student to run his or her own small training business. Prerequisite: MGMT 305 or MGMT 433.






Students receive credit for meeting pre-arranged learning objectives while working for a company or non-profit organization. Internships give students the opportunity to compare their understanding of classroom material with current best practices in their field. Credit is based on the number of hours at the job site and the nature of the learning objectives. Monthly class sessions reinforce the student learning objectives, and allow interns to compare their experiences with other interns. Prerequisites: HRM 410; junior or senior standing (transfer students must complete a minimum of 15 Westminster credit hours); completion of the Career Center Internship Workshop; and approvals from the Gore School of Business Practice Experience Coordinator and the Career Center Internship Coordinator.




HRM Practicum


The Disciplinary Practicum is a student team-based, company consultation project. The project addresses a real issue of concern to a client company (or non-profit organization), requires extensive research, and results in a formal oral presentation and written report to the company. Students work in teams of 3-6 students under the supervision of a Gore School of Business faculty member. Prerequisites: HRM 410; MATH 150; junior or senior standing.




Professional Portfolio


The Professional Portfolio is designed for mid-career professionals. The class gives students the opportunity to assess their interests and skills, design a career plan, and create a portfolio, which documents what they have to offer to an organization in an appropriate field. Students must have at least five years of professional or managerial experience to enroll in this class. Prerequisites: HRM 410; junior or senior standing; and approval of the Gore School of Business Experience/Practice Coordinator.